This plugin once installed, will give you the ability to create support requests directly on your website and on any page within it. This includes both the front end of your website and the administrative area.

There is a one click backup and restore system so you can create easy backup on demand and run a restore of anything you backed up with a single click.

Let us introduce you to the Hosting Support Plugin.

Below is a list of things that you can accomplish with this plugin.

  • Submit support requests from your site
  • No need to login to anything to get help
  • No need to add account name and email
  • No need to add site URL to support request
  • One click screenshot on any website page
  • Easy backup and restore system
  • Add attachments to explain your issue



1. Plugin activation


2. Plugin settings page


3. Support widget activator for admin area and front end area


4. Support widget form full of cool things to describe your issue


5. Easy one click backup and restore system

You can download this plugin for free at the link below and simply install it on your website. This will not create any speed issues or conflicts on your site.