People often say that having a backup is very important. You could argue, however, that there is a problem with this statement. A corrupt backup is completely useless, for example, and having an old backup could be as good as not having one at all.

Some backup solutions are designed to create secure copies of your entire system without letting you restore individual parts of it. In such cases, if you want to restore one file, you can’t do so without losing changes to the rest of the data that you might want to keep.

In other words, having backups isn’t enough. You need to be sure that your backups are recent, that they’re reliably stored and are working correctly, and that they let you restore whatever you want whenever you want.

Hosting customers get an all-in-one management platform that, in addition to a host of useful features and tools, gives them a backup solution that helps them restore exactly the files and folders they want.

Restoring files in Control Panel

As an owner of a managed VPS, you get daily backups of your files and databases that are kept for a total of seven days. To restore files and folders, log into Control Panel’s User Interface and go to Restore Backups

You’ll see a list of your daily backups for the last week. Pick a date and click the Browse Files button next to it. Control Panel displays a list of your files and directories just as they were on the day when they were backed up. You can navigate through them just like you would via the File Manager.

Using the checkboxes, you can select the items you want to restore. They will appear in the Selected for Restore list on the right, and when you’re happy with the list, you can click the Restore Selected button to start the restore process. The time it takes for your files and folders to be restored depends on their number and size.