Your WordPress installation is now ready, and you can log in and start managing your website. Before you do, however, you might want to take a look at a couple of toggle switches located next to your new WordPress installation.

Getting Started with SWordPress

One of them is labeled Auto Updates, and it’s switched on by default. Leaving it enabled is strongly recommended. This will ensure that not only WordPress itself, but also the plugins and themes you install later on will be updated without any action from your end. 

This way, all new features and performance improvements will be available on your WordPress installation, and you’ll also be sure that newly released security patches are installed in a timely manner.

The other toggle switch controls a feature called Security Lock. When it’s turned on, it limits access to your website’s files and directories. As a result, even if hackers manage to exploit a security vulnerability, they won’t be able to infect the website with malware. Meanwhile, you will be able to manage and upload new content without any difficulties.

Security Lock is a unique feature that takes your website’s security up a notch. The way it works, however, prevents you from installing new plugins and themes while it’s on. We realize that after you create a fresh WordPress installation, you will likely want to customize it, which is why Security Lock is turned off by default. We recommend enabling it as soon as you’re done setting up your website.

If Auto Updates and Security Lock are switched on, and there are new updates, WordPress Manager will automatically pause the Security Lock feature and will re-enable it as soon as the updates are applied.