Your hosting accounts it comes with free WordPress support and hosting support for anything that happens to your server or any thing on a WordPress website you are hosting with us which is causing it not to function properly.  

FREE WordPress Support

We will provide support for any WordPress issue you are having on your website that is causing it not to function properly. This means if anything breaks on your website, we will jump into action to fix it at no extra cost.

Full 24/7 Management

Your hosting hardware and software is fully managed by us 24/7/365. We answer any questions you may have related to your server and we fix any issues that arise proactively to eliminate any downtime. 


  1. Login to your WP Fix It account at THIS LINK

  2. Once logged in you will see HOSTING SUPPORT REQUEST in the account menu

  3. Click on this to fill in and submit the hosting support request form

  4. We get our agents to fix your issue as fast as possible