Your Hosting Control Panel’s latest version is equipped with a facility that can automatically transfer all your emails (including the messages in your Sent, Junk, etc. folders) from your old server to your new hosting account with WP Fix It.

To use it, you’ll need to provide your existing accounts’ login credentials and mail server settings. 

However, because the process is fully automated, you don’t need to worry about anyone accessing them.

To use the new tool, go to the homepage of Hosting Control Panel’s User Interface.

After you click Email Accounts, you’ll have two options – create a new email account or transfer existing ones.

Select the tab for migrating mailboxes, and you’ll see yet more options. 

You can either transfer a single inbox or move multiple accounts at once.

Transferring a single email account.

In the IMAP Server field, you need to enter the source account’s IMAP mailserver. If you’re not sure what it is, your old hosting provider should be able to help.

Below, you have the fields for the old account’s address and password. Finally, Hosting Control Panel asks you to specify the destination email account.

It’s up to you to decide whether the destination mailbox has the same address as the source. 

Remember, however, that to use the identical addresses, you need to add the domain to your Hosting Control Panel account first.

If the destination email account doesn’t exist, Hosting Control Panel will set it up automatically and set the source inbox’s password for it.

The Verify Login Details button can confirm that you’ve entered the correct details without migrating any data.

Click Transfer, and all the contents from your old mailbox will be copied to the new one.

Depending on the number and size of the messages and attachments stored in the source account, you may need to wait for anything from a few seconds to several hours. 

As soon as the process is complete, Hosting Control Panel will notify you, and you can start using the destination email account immediately.

Transferring multiple email inboxes.

Transferring multiple emails requires a bit more preparation. 

You need to open a text editor like Windows Notepad or macOS’ TextEdit on your computer and enter the information Hosting Control Panel needs in order to transfer your emails to your new hosting account at WP Fix It.

Every account you want to transfer should be situated on a line, and the format should look like this:

[source IMAP mailserver] [source email address] [source email address password] [destination email address]

Here’s an example of what your file should look like: strongpassword strongerpassword thestrongestpassword

As you can see, you can migrate accounts from multiple different domains and mailservers at once.

Save the file (the file extension doesn’t matter as long as the file is created with a plain text editor) on your computer.

Click the Choose File button, navigate to the list of email accounts you just saved, and select it for upload. 

Once again, the Verify Login Details button confirms that the details you’ve entered are correct, and clicking Transfer initiates the migration.

Because you’re moving multiple accounts, the process will likely take longer.